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Naruto chapter 499: A New Seal!

June 17, 2010

Naruto chapter 499: A New Seal!


The Kyuubi is still wrapped up by Kushina’s chains which come out of Naruto’s body. Through his mother he gained happiness and feels peace. Naruto manages to filter the Nine-Tails’ chakra so that the hatred is left behind. With many kagebushins he attacks the Kyuubi.

Right before the Rasaengans hit the Kyuubi Naruto entered the sage mode and forms giant Senpou Sasengans.

You know what comes next, right….?

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Naruto chapter 498: Mom’s Red Hair

June 10, 2010

Naruto chapter 498: Mom’s Red Hair

So, last chapter Kushina appeared in front of Naruto while he was dragging out the Kyuubi’s chakra. At first Naruto doesn’t recognizes her but when she says “‘tte ba ne!” Naruto finally gets it that his mother is the person he’s facing (and not the Kyuubi’s true form ~baka Naruto…).

Naruto tells her that he always wanted to meet her. He’s so overwhelmed by his feelings that his dark side disappears and the transformation into the Kyuubi (outside of Naruto’s mind) stops.

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Naruto chapter 497: The Nine-Tails vs. Naruto

June 3, 2010
Naruto chapter 497: The Nine-Tails vs. Naruto

Chapter 497 jumps right into fighting. The Nine-Tailed molds a massive amount of chakra into a ball and fires it towards Naruto.

In the last second, Hachibi protects Naruto but with that last action Bee’s chakra drained so from now on, Naruto has to try to separate the fox’s mind from its chakra on his own.

Naruto focuses and enters the sage mode and with a uber Senjutsu rasengan he wants to smash the Kyuubi on to the ground but it stops the attack with some of its tails.

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Manga Review: Hello Baby (Takeshi Obata X Masanori Morita)

May 29, 2010
Please don’t click this away. Despite this title, it’s NOT a hardcore Shojou/ Yosei/ whatever manga.

Recently I bought the first 3 volumes of Bakuman and I wanted to check out other works of Takeshi Obata, so I almost read everything he drew. I decided that Hello Baby should get a review because it was the most unique and thrilling one.

As usual, Obata-sama just provided his drawing skills to bring the story to live. This time Masanori Morita took the writing part and I have to say that they are a very good combination but not as good as Obata X Ohba (Bakuman, Death Note) though.

Honestly, I don’t really want to write something about the story. As it is a one-shot, the plot goes straight forward so I would ruin this one for you (even with a summary without spoilers). All I can say is that this manga is full of action, romance, thrilling moments and unexpected changes which are the ingredients to make an awesome story.

The only thing which confuses are the time-jumps. After my second ride through it, I understood the flow of the time-line but if this would be solved smoother, the rating would get a point more.

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Naruto chapter 496: Meeting the Nine-Tails once again

May 27, 2010

Naruto chapter 496: Meeting the Nine-Tails once again

Bee, Yamato and Naruto are entering the cave behind the waterfall. Inside are some ancient statues and buildings. They stop at the other end of it in front of an other entrance. Naruto turns the switch to open it by sticking his head into the mouth of a beast-like ornament at the wall.

The door opens and together they enter the next room which is completely white so you can’t make out the corners and such. in that room they’re gonna take off Naruto’s seal. If he can’t control the Kyuubi and completely revives, Bee will lock it inside this room as that is what this place was made for.

Naruto and Bee sit down and fist-bumping each other and the scene switches into Naruto’s mind where that huge cage of the Kyuubi is.

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Mysterious Girlfirend X chapter 45: Mysterious Choice

May 22, 2010

Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 45: Mysterious Choice

At last chapter’s end Momoka disguised as Urabe was at an electronic store borrowing a CD-player. Now, she puts in a CD and starts dancing in front of the guys who were watching Urabe (disguised as Momoka) on TV.

Tsubaki crosses the streets and sees a mob gathering around that electronic shop so he wants to take a look too. For his surprise, Urabe is dancing around (of course he still doesn’t know about that little role switch).

The people who are watching her begin to notice that this is the real Momoka. Tsubaki interrupts her performance, asking her what the hell she’s doing. Some random guy from the audience warns him to let go off Momoka but Tsubaki gets pissed and kicks him on the chest.

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Naruto chapter 495: Crush Dark Naruto

May 20, 2010
Naruto chapter 495: Crush Dark Naruto

After that sudden attack of that giant squid Naruto, Bee and the others are going back to the waterfall of the truth. Once again, Naruto tries to defeat his evil side. Yami Naruto appears but the “normal” Naruto changes his strategy. Rather than beating his dark side up, he uses his yet undefeated “convincing no jutsu”.  Naruto focuses cause he wants to show something to Yami Naruto in his mind.

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