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Retro Manga: For me, a world yet to discover

February 9, 2010

Hey guys…

You know… I got a huge manga reading list with about 45 mangas in it. The majority is still being published so I’m waiting every week/month for new releases.

Sometimes I have the urge to read a story which is already completed to get fully into the manga. Recently it’s kinda hard to find somethin’ finishd what’s awesome too. So I got the idea of why not reading super-old stuff which formed today’s industry?  Long story short: I started with the oldest manga I could find. The title is “Choju Giga” and was drawn 900 years ago!

All of you who are familiar with Naruto, you may notice that Sai’s special painting jutsu is also called “Choju Giga”.

Follow this link to get a slide show of this ancient piece of art:

If you got 2 minutes of spare time I definitely recommend investing them in this old manga.

Maybe I can find the missing scans for “Ashita no Joe” because this is the next step into the retro world.

Stay tuned for more awesome retro-action!

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