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First Look: Knights of Sidonia – any Muse fans out there?

February 11, 2010

Sidonia no Kishi is the new series of the well-known author Tsutomu Nihei (BLAME!, Biomega, Noise). It runs monthly in one my favourite manga-magazines called “Afternoon”. Currently there are 7 chapters translated but I think in the last issue chapter 10 was released.

Unlike other Nihei-sama’s series this hasn’t the typical sketchy look like in BLAME! In fact it’s almost a black/grey/white cel-shading style which lets the manga become more mainstream.

The left page is taken from BLAME! and the right one is from Sidonia No Kishi:

The story itself is far away from mainstream. It’s about a huge spaceship called “Sidonia” which is the last hope for human race as the world was attacked and destroyed by huge space creatures which can survive in the vacuum. The knights of Sidonia are a special force to gain raw materials from nearby asteroids and to defend the Sidonia from the creatures.

The humans which are living on the Sidonia can use photosynthesis. So they only have to eat once in a month (I think). There’s also a new gender with is neither male of female.

Sounds pretty interesting right? Go and check it out here.

PS: This is the very fist series with mecha stuff I like!

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