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Otakus are different?

February 11, 2010
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The famous Japanese internetsite 2ch has divided anime otaku into two types

Type A:

These are the persons who simply enjoys anime.

Hates shallow anime with no real content.

Rates anime based on story, voice acting, art, etc.

and thinks that the story emphasis > moe anime.

Type B:

A person who enjoys characters.

He watches an anime aslong as it has cute or beautiful characters and doesn’t care about a bad story if the characters are good.

Rates an anime based on which seiyuu (voice actor) are in it and what the characters look like.

Loves moe elements.

At the moment there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku. As you might have noticed for yourself 😉 .

In my opinion 2ch doesn’t realize there is a Type C – a hybrid or “AB” Type.

Obviously shows with great art style, plot, voice acting and direction are worth watching.
Even if you enjoy shows with these traits, it does not mean you’re also incapable of watching shows without them.

Normally moe-anime has a bad story but still its very entertaining for me.

So what do you think? Which type of otaku are you?

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  1. February 11, 2010 10:24 pm

    Type Jura:

    Person who likes anime in general.

    Watches anime more likely when there are hot shotacons.

    Thinks ratings are a waste of time.

    Loves shotacon elements.

  2. temperus permalink
    February 11, 2010 10:56 pm

    I don’t really like these definitions much, but I guess they’re close enough. Type A probably like “characters” even more than type B: they just don’t like uninteresting cookie-cutter characters. Type B’s, for instance, probably wouldn’t like Tentai Senshi Sunred. But Type A’s would, even though entirely character-driven.

    As long as they can suspend the feeling that I’ve seen everything done before, and better, I’m willing to give it a chance. The only new show that’s done this season, for instance, is Durarara. But type B’s are easier to cater to. And the anime studios not only know that – they revel in it. Just look at BakaTest’s inexplicable popularity to see how many type B’s there are, and how easy it is to sell to them.

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