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My Manga Ranking (Week #06)

February 12, 2010

Following chapters are ranked this week:
Naruto #482, Bakuman #73, Vagabond #290

Click on the manga pages to enlarge them!

Naruto #482

Story: Danzou‘s dead… that means Kakashi makes one step forward to become the 7th Hokage! An other thing: Sakura wants to run away from Konoha.

My 2 Cents: Normally, I don‘t quote myself but this time, I make an excepion:

„Ohhhh… I thought Sakura couldn’t sink any lower but this chapter proved me so wrong. How can you want to kill the person you love? Okay… Sasuke is a criminal but that’s absolutely no reason! If Sakura would truly love him she would say goodbye to Konoha and become a member of Akatsuki at Sasuke’s side. Then would be clever to kill Naruto so he doesn’t look for Sasuke anymore. As a bonus no one can stop Madara’s moon’s eye plan and the manga finishes! It all depends on Sakura now. Please switch to Akatsuki Saku-chin!“

This is my comment on chapter 475. You can find it HERE. I guess, with this sort of prediction, you can call me a pro now xD

Best page:

Overall: 7/10 points


Story: Shujin gets the approval of marring Miyoshi and Ashirogi is ignored by the new dream team (Hattori, Iwase, and Eiji) at the Weekly Shonen jump New Year’s Party.

My 2 Cents: I didn’t expect that Shujin would actually the permission of Miyoshi’s parents. An other thing is that I can’t see “Daihatsu Tanto” beat Eiji and Iwase’s “+Nature”.

Best page:

Overall: 8/10 points

Vagabond #290

Story: Some talking of some government-guys and Miyamoto swimmin’ in a river thinking about Kojirou.

My 2 Cents: This slow pacing is very bad for the mood. The best thing you can do is wait a month and then read the 5 chapters.

Best page:

Overall: 6/10 points

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