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World Premiere: Uchu Show e Yokoso

February 18, 2010

Hey guys,

I just came back from the very first screening of the anime movie called „Uchu Show e Youkoso“. The premiere was at Berlin‘s Zoo Palace which is one of the best known cinemas in town.

The screening was in the biggest room available and it was quite crowded. First, a short introduction of the movie was made, after that the screening began.

It starts with a bunch of kids saving a wounded dog from death. They discover that the dog is actually a speaking alien who came to earth on an important mission. As a reward for saving him Pochi – the dog – grants them one favour.

So together they travel to the backside of the moon where a huge space station is. While hanging out at the station, the most popular TV program in the whole universe starts. It’s called “Space Show”. This show is sent by a pirate broadcast and nobody knows where it’s filmed.

After a few scenes they wanna get back to earth but suddenly the immigration from the moon is prohibited as you can find a substance on earth which is illegal throughout the universe. On earth we call this substance “wasabi” xD Unfortunately, the main girl – I think her name was Natsuki – has some wasabi in her handbag.

So Pochi suggests travelling to his home planet fist and then back to earth by using the express train which looks like a huge snake. On their way some evil guys find out about Natsuki’s wasabi. So their boss orders them to steal it. They fail multiple times.

On Pochi’s home planet, they examine the wasabi. Suddenly at night a beam comes down from the sky sucking everything up. Natsuki’s little sister gets sucked up too.

I forgot how they found out that Natsuki’s little sister was kidnapped by the guys broadcasting the Space show and also how they found out where the Space Show is recorded but nevertheless, they get there to rescue her.

They find out that the evil boss is one of Pochi’s former friends. So Pochi and the evil boss put on a “Power Ranger”-like battle suit to settle this one and for all. Natsuki tries to rescue her sister which is kept on the planet “Pet Star” which belongs to the evil boss. “Pet Star” was lost for 5 Quattro bazillion years but the evil boss found this planet in a sea of anti-matter.

In the end, the evil boss is defeated and the sister rescued. Everyone returns to earth and is happy.

The only thing what I didn’t get is, why wasabi is illegal and why the evil boss wanted to get it. But all in all, this was a great movie. On myanimelist I gave 8/10 points.

After the movie finished the Producer, the Director and Art Director came up on stage and answered some questions. I made a video of the Q&A but I really don‘t know if I really should put it up on YouTube ‘cause the quality really sucks.

Nevertheless, after the Q&A all the professional photographers started to shoot photos.  I walked down the stairs to the stage and asked (IN JAPANESE) if it‘s okay to take a picture with them. They agreed so I went up on stage with my camera and this picture was taken:

I'm a little shy so I covered up my face with photoshop. The guy standing next to me on the left side is Koji Masunari the Director. On my right side is the Animation Director Masashi Ishihama. He is in charge of the character design. On the very left side is the Producer Tomonori Ochikoshi.

After my little meet and greet, I got a flyer and a sicker which I scanned for you:

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

All in all: 3€ spent for the ticket, saw a nice movie and came up on stage… pretty awesome 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve added my own summary now.

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