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GantZ chapter 314: Agitation

March 3, 2010
GantZ chapter 314: Agitation

Right before Tae’s eyes Kei#1 is beamed away to a place where many Gantzers gather. He meets Katou and all the other people from the Tokyo group there. Reika and Kei#2 are also on board.

As you can see, there are a bunch of these black balls in the background. Some Gantzers announce that they are going to be teleported again and this time into enemy territory. They also say that the bombs in their heads are activated. Some of the Gantzers are going wild and want a prove. Simply as it is, their heads went off.

After that everyone starts teleporting again. This time they find themselves in a town of the aliens.

My 2 cents:
Cool chapter. I wonder how the guys got control over the GantZ you see them kinda using a computer but maybe they work for this German company who developed and produced the GantZ balls.

 One interesting thing: Look at the sky of this last pic in the summary. It looks like as the alien town is floating above one of our town. Maybe the aliens covered the sky red so that the humans don’t recognize and attack one of the alien towns.

I’m  definitely excited about the next chapter! This one gets a 7/10 points!

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