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Naruto chapter 485: So Close, And Yet So Far

March 4, 2010

Naruto chapter 485: So Close, And Yet So Far

Just as Sasuke was going to stab Sakura from behind, Naruto comes and saves her in the very last second. Kakashi takes advantage of this distraction to attack Sasuke but he defends.

Naruto tells Sasuke that he knows the truth about the Uchiha clan from Tobi and that he understands Sasuke‘s actions. But Sasuke just shouts that Naruto shouldn‘t care about it as he‘s an outsider. In fact Sasuke feels great because he finally got revenge for Itachi on one of his betrayers.

After Sasuke‘s little monologue, Naruto creates a kage-bushin who grabs Kakashi from behind so that he can‘t interfere. Naruto forms a Rasngan and runs towards Sasuke who prepared Chidori.

When they’re both about to clash, the scene switches to a places where Naruto and Sasuke are talking about the past days. Naruto could be at the same place where Sasuke is now as he built up much hatred when he was a kid. Everyone ignored him as the 9-tailed fox was sealed in him. Until he met Ikura-sensei, he never had a real bond.

Sasuke lets Naruto decide whether he gets killed by him or becomes a hero by killing Sasuke. Naruto replies that neither of this will happen.

The scene switches back and then:

You see, no conclusion is shown which leaves this chapter with a cliffhanger ending.

My 2 Cents:
After the horrible fight with Danzou, we finally get to some real action. It‘s nice to see Naruto actually doing something different from just crying and fainting like in the previous chapters. Kinda strange is that Naruto’s kage-bushin is able to hold down Kakashi. I mean, he is one step away of becoming the 7th hokage and let’s Naruto fool him…. duh!

Due to this cliffhanger, I can‘t wait untill next week to see who this situation develops. This chapter gets 8/10 points.

PS: thanks for Blinktopia, Mangastream and Sleepyfans for the scans!

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  1. March 4, 2010 11:06 pm

    Naruto was so cool and composed this chapter, he was actually much calmer than Sasuke even though emotions were at an all time high.

    He is maturing 🙂

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