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バットマン – The Secret History Of Batman In Japan

March 8, 2010

Hey guys,
I bought something really cool about 2 weeks ago and yesterday I received the delivery. Full of expectations I ripped off the packaging. It was just like Christmas but much better. I expected very much as I spent 35€ but this just blew me away. On Amazon I ordered a signed limited hardcover edition of the book called “Bat-Manga – The Secret Past of Batman in Japan”.

I first came across this book while searching for the missing scans from “Ashita no Joe”. The second time was when I tried to find some raw-scans for Urasawa Naoki’s manga called “Billy Bat” and I thought “damn, let’s take a look”.

The author of this book collected various Batman stuff from Japan which were released in the 1960’s, took high quality pictures of it and made it into this book. On his search for rare things, he came across a manga series which was released in the magazine called “Shonen Gahosha”. Apparently, for this time the magazine had the license to draw Batman comics. Long story short: They hired the mangaka Jiro Kuwata and made him draw the Japanese equivalent. This guy also signed this book by hand on the first page. So this book contains original scans of the manga translated for the fist time into English.

The Batman we get to know behaves in a more natural way than the Batman nowadays. He needs some days off and lets Robin take over the investigations. I think the world created by Jiro Kuwata is a lot more logic than the other comics ‘cause Robin is like an assistant should be. Although you have to get used to see that Robin is allowed to drive the Bat-mobile.

There are quite a few stories in this book and 2 of them are complete. The author wrote that he has as much material left as he used in this book. So maybe we see a follow-up which continues or finishes the stories.

This little thing I wanna show you is exclusive in the limited edition. It shows a Chinese manga where the Monkey King, the Pig Soldier, the Great Drunk (guys from the classical Chinese novel called “Journey to the West”) and SUPERMAN team up to fight against Batman. Oh man… this is totally crazy!

Man… these are the best 35€ I ever spent. When I ordered it I thought that this book is in the typical manga format but it’s full sized like a normal A4 piece of paper! Every page is colored and thicker than a normal manga page.

To sum it up: You’ll have so much fun going through the entire book and discover more and more crazy things. It’s totally worth it. I give this whole book 10/10 points.


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