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Naruto chapter 486: Fists

March 11, 2010

Naruto chapter 486: Fists


Continuing from the last chapter, Sasuke’s Chidori and Naruto’s Rasengan are clashing. As they equally strong they both get hit by the recoil. Zetsu appears saves Sasuke from hitting the cliff.

The other half of Zetsu tells Madara that Sasuke’s in danger. So Madara also summons himself to the battlefield telling Kakashi & co. that they’ll retreat for now.

Naruto steps forward saying that he has something to tell Sasuke before they disappear. It seems that he made his decision. He asks if Sasuke remembers what he said about top-class ninja to him when they fought each other at the valley of the end.

Now, both Naruto and Sasuke are top-class ninja and Naruto saw in his heart that next time when they’ll fight each other, they’re both gonna die. So Naruto’s decision is to bear Sasuke’s burden all by himself.

Sasuke don’t get Naruto’s point and asks him why he cares so much. The answer is as simply as logic. It’s because he’s Naruto’s friend and if he doesn’t even can save a friend, he’s not worth to become hokage.

My 2 Cents:

Nice… I didn’t thought that this chapter would be so much better than the last one. You see clearly that Naruto matured. His decision of bearing Sasuke’s burden alone is the best he can make since he’d be the only one who suffers.

When I read the spoilers for this chapter, it seemed that this one was going to be an awesome performance of the Emo-Naruto. So it even more surprised me how Naruto stayed calm and not fainting or breaking into tears.

I think with this chapter the climax of this arc is reached. Hopefully Naruto learns some new techniques soon and prepares for war.

My rating for this chapter is 9/10 points.

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