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Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 43: Mysterious Experiment Results

March 12, 2010
Mysterious Girlfrend X chapter 43: Mysterious Experiment Results

Last chapter, Tsubaki was about to taste the drool of Imai Momoka who dressed herself as Urabe without Tsubaki knowing that. Surprisingly, as he tastes her drool, his nose starts bleeding as if there’s bond between them, too.

Momoka keeps asking Tsubaki if he feels the same as she feels. Heart pounding, happy etc. She decided before she let him taste her drool and if there’s a bond, that she’d kiss Tsubaki. Not as Imai Momoka but as Urabe Mikoto. When they’re about to kiss, Tsubaki stops her. He noticed that she’s kinda strange lately plus he wants to taste her drool one more time. The drool used to taste really sweet but this time it was tasteless. Now he wonders even more if she’s OK. Momoka overreacts with shouting at Tsubaki that nothing is wrong ‘cause the bind is still there.

Tsubaki denies ‘cause his nosebleed wasn’t caused by her drool but the truth is, it was caused by her Momoka’s lil’ titties when she lent forwards. Oh yeah, speaking of boobs, he also notices that her breasts seem unusually small. Momoka flips out, kicking Tsubaki right at the head with her pantie-falcon-kick:

Tsubaki is knocked out and Momoka runs away….

Meanwhile, Urabe who stepped in for Momoka has a rehearsal for an Imai Momoka live concert the day after tomorrow. She’s told that the real Momoka hasn’t been found yet and that she has to sing at the concert if she doesn’t appear on time.

My 2 Cents:
Hmmm… I don’t know what I should think about this chapter. There are many panels wasted by saying the same things twice or even three times. It’d be better to save those panels and make the story a bit more fast pasted or spent more time in detailing the backgrounds like it’s used to be in the first 10 chapters.

BUT there aren’t just bad points. It’s good to see that there isn’t a bond between Momoka and Tsubaki. An other cool thing is that he finally notices Momoka’s small boobs. That must be the major hint for him to notice Momoka’s masquerade. Maybe he finds out in the next chapter.

To sum it up, chapter 43 deserves 7/10 points.

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