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Naruto chapter 487: The Battle Begins

March 17, 2010

Naruto chapter 487: The Battle Begins


Right before Kakashi wants to start using his Sharingan against Madara, he, Sasuke and Zetsu are vanishing from he battlefield. After they are teleported to their base, Sasuke tells Madara that he wants to have Itachi’s eyes implanted ’cause his view is blurry from using Susanoo etc. and because he wants to fight Naruto with his everything he has.

The scene switches back to Naruto who faints again but this time it’s not the pressure wich lies on him like before, it’s Sakura’s fault. Her poisoned kunai hit Naruto when he rescued her from being stabbed by Sasuke. After giving him an antidote, they prepare to go back. Kakashi takes Karin with him

The scene switches again (and not yet for the lst time in this chapter). We get to see the über cool lightning brothers arriving in their village. KillerBee has samehada carried on his back. Proudly he tells everyone that he wants to use the shark skin sword as his new weapon. What they don’t know that this sword is like a trojan horse in a shark disguise. Kisame is alive and hides himself in samehada’s mouth. During the battle with KillerBee he switched roles with Black Zetsu whose bushin “died” in Ksame’s place.

Like as promised before we leave the hachibi’s and the Raikage’s scene and change to a fellow we heard nothing about for a long time. I’m speaking of Kabutomaru who attacks some ninjas. Apparently he gets used to his new body and power.

My 2 Cents:

I kinda had a feeling that his chapter would be going in this kind of direction. I really wondered what Sasuke would do to get rid of his bad eyesight. In a recent chapter there was Madara standing in a room full of eyes kept in a conserving liquid. Maybe he kept Itachi’s eyes there.

Somehow I really get the impression that Kishi turns Sakura in a non-sense babbling machine. Here are her thoughts on Naruo’s actions form the last chapter:

So basically, she believes that her fist love Sasuke and her second choice Naruto are both dying in battle. Seems pretty logic to me >_> The best thing is just to ignore her for the moment… I wanna see some NaruHina stuff, NOW!

Let’s turn to the mighty brothers. It’s cool that Kishi kept Kisame alive and I’m really looking forward how he will use his current position in the trojan shark to get KillerBee. With Kisame being the fist, Kabutomaru is the second one who returns in this chapter. Man, the next arc will be a busy one: KillerBee vs. Kisame, Madara vs. Everyone, Naruto vs. Sasuke and Kabutomaru vs. I don’t know.

To sum it up, this was an average chapters wich gets a 6/10 points!

PS: Thx to Blinktopia, mangashare and Sleepyfans!

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  1. Inuhanyou permalink
    March 18, 2010 2:43 am

    NaruHina got killed a long time ago…when the second choice of Naruto’s wasn’t even considered..that was like 50 chapters ago wasn’t it?

    • March 18, 2010 6:38 am

      Do you mean that Pain Killed her when she confessed? If so, you’re wrong. Remember when Nagato sacrified himself to bring everyone he killed back to life (like Kakashi). Since then, Naruto and Hinata ditn’t talk so I guess, he hasn’t made his decision yet.

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