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GantZ chapter 315: Clash of Civilizations

March 20, 2010

GantZ chapter 315: Clash of Civilizations

The GantZers from Tokyo have to face the aliens in their territory as they were teleported there last chapter. It seems that they are at public place without the heavy-armed soldier aliens. Shortly after their arrival the aliens begin wondering what little creatures were suddenly summoned. They take pictures with their mobile phone like devices.Some of them are remaining calm while others are starting messing around with the GantZers.

The leader who organized the teleporting comes to his mind and shoots the head off an alien shouting that they’re here for war. With that said other GantZers are also starting to shoot.

After all the normal aliens are wiped out, we see Kei, Kato and Sakurai are wondering if they are inside the alien’s spaceship. They also say that the alien race is much more developes than the humans.

The scene switches back Tae who is still in the hotel searching for Kei. Almost all the other people are dead.

Back at the spaceship, the alien-troops are arriving and from now on everybody fights for himself and it’s useless to flee. The aliens start attacking and so do the GantZers. Suddenly a big alien guy arrives…

My 2 Cents:
The first thing I want to say is that I read the Spanish version which I translated with the google translator. I have to admit that the Spanish to English translation was really good. So… let’s move on.

I really don’t know how the GantZers can win against these masses of enemies wich also have more advanced weapons. An other thing is that it’d be cool if the aliens are the original inhibitors of the earth and they only want to get it back. This would be a nice twist as it’d mean that the humans would actually be the aliens. We’ll see in the next chapters if I’m right or wrong.

So that’s it for this week’s GantZ input. This chapter gets a 7/10.

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