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Manga Review: Koi no Kamisama

March 23, 2010

How far would you go for a girl’s love? I guess the most extreme thing would be becoming a stalker or her complete slave. But thing manga goes even further. What would you do if you have to compete with god in order to get the girl? Take the challenge or run away?

Well Tsuchibe the main character takes this challenge. he is a student in middle school who reads shoujo mangas n’stuff because he is convinced that with reading these books he is prepared for every possible situation in romance-matters. But reality looks different: He falls for almost every girl and asks her out instantly and gets instantly refused.

One day he gets a new female classmate. Her name is Kinokura Yasuko. Every boy in the class falls for her but the one taking the lead is Tsuchibe with a wacky confession in front of the class and asking her out. His classmates are first drawing him back saying that he doesn’t really mean it as every time he acts the same and after that, his homeroom teacher sends him to detention.

When detention was over, one of Tsuchibe’s friends tires to make him look bad in front of Yasuko with telling her that he lives at a creepy shrine. But instead of  being scared, she convinces everyone going there after school.

When they arrive at Tsuchibe’s house/ shrine his priest-grandma notices something strange. It seems that Yasuko is protected by a divine entity granting all kind of fortunate favours (like winning the lottery four times etc.) On the other hand, if any male characters becomes close, bad-luck rises upon him making him leaving her. Tsuchibe is different from the male characters who confessed to her. He keeps trying and due to that, god keeps increasing his grudge against Tsuchibe.

In a one-shot the character developments are very limited. So it’s very surprising how the main character is changing. A half-hearted confession becoming true love.

When it comes to a one-shot, the mangaka should really try to do something new and special with the style in order to get serialized. In this manga, the art is kept simply. I don’t want to say that his drawings are bad or something – actually I like it – but from a neutral point of view it’s too common but for supporting the comedy scenes, the art is awesome. The mangaka tried to mix shounen and some shoujo elements so that this manga attracts more people.

The characters are also quite plain except for Tsuchibe and his crazy grandma. They are really unique and will rest in your mind some time.

It really bugs me that this is just an 49-paged one-shot. But nevertheless, reading this manga was so much fun. The characters are lovable and the story is great. It really was a fun ride through it. If you got 5 minutes and you don’t know what to do with them, then spend them in reading this manga!

On I rated this series with 8/10. It totally deservs it.

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