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Naruto chapter 488: The Villages

March 25, 2010
Naruto chapter 488: The Villages

The chapter starts with showing each country’s Daimyo having a video-conference. As too many Bijuus were caught by Akatsuki, they discuss a joint-force of the main countries to oppose them. Every Daimyo agrees.

After that, the scene switches back to Naruto who arrives with Kakashi, Sakura and Karin at the place where Sakura put Sai and the others to sleep. Naruto has his “one faint per chapter” scene and falls on the ground ’cause the poison of Sakura’s kunai is still active.

In the next scene we get to see the Kages returning to their village. They get informed of the Daimyos’ decision.

Back at the forest, Naruto gets normal again and starts messin’ around with the others:

Karin notices that Naruto’s chakra is kinda warm and bright but deep inside of him there’s huge darkness. Suddenly some Anbou troops appear. Sai informs them, that Danzou’s dead and that Kakashi is the Hokage to-be.

When they arrive at Konoha, Shikamaru wants to know from Naruto if he’s still trying to protect and bring Sasuke back. Naruto replies that he doesn’t protect him. He will bear the burden of killing Sasuke by himself. When Neiji asks what exactly happened between Sasuke and him Naruto tells that he will say it when the time’s right. With that said, he takes off to eat some ramen at Ichiraku’s.

The scene switches to Kakashi who talks with the elders regarding becoming the new Hokage.

Just when the Daimyo is about to announce Kakashi as the 7th Hokage, the meeting interrupted ’cause it seems that Tsunade is finally awaken.

The very last page is about Sasuke who has Itachi’s eyes implanted. It will tke some time until the wounds are healed.

My 2 Cents:
So… it seems that everything is turning to normal: Naruto looses almost everything of his emo side, Tsunade opened her eyes and rebuilding Konoha is still in progress but at last Ichiraku has his ramen restaurant. By the way… Naruto is going to Ichiraku by himself so that would be the perfect chance for Hinata to be alone with him. There’s still this untouched topic which lies on the ground for about 40 chapters.

May be Kishi fires up this love twist a bit by letting Karin falling in love with Naruto too. But this would turn this series into a harem so I doubt Kishi would do that. I also like that Kishi waits a bit before Kakashi becomes Hokage. In my opinion he’s still too young.

All in all, this chapter had it’s funny moments like the scene when the Daimyos had the video conference. They even had a real TV-camera. To see this kind of technology really surprised me.

This chapter get a 7/10 ’cause of the TV-camera.

PS: The next chapter will hve some neat color pages!
PPS: Thanks to Blinktopia, Mangashare and Sleepyfans!

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