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WTF… The Detroit Metal City manga is going to end in April!

March 26, 2010

クラウザさま じごくに かえらないで くれ!

Krauser Sama… jigoku ni kaeranaide kure!

The mangaka of Detroit Metal City – Kiminori Wakasugi – announced in the latest issue of “Young Animal” that the series is going to end in the ninth issue in April. So this means there are two more chapters and then it will be all over.

To thank Krauser for this freaking awesome time, I wrote some super badass haikus which I’ll burn after the manga ended so that he can read it in the depths of hell.

Goodbye Krauser san
Please kick some shit out of hell
Go to D. M. C.!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape
Mina wo korosu!

Kill all the weaklings
Hurry up and get them now
Rape their dead bodies

Please go to haven
And create a second hell
Satsugai se yo!

If you don’t want to be killed by Krauser in your dreams while you’re sleeping, you have to leave a haiku comment to honour and praise him!


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