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GantZ chapter 316: Twist’N Turn

March 30, 2010
GantZ chapter 316: Twist’N Turn

So… last chapter these high level soldier appeared in font of the GantZers. It seems that he brought some friends with him who also are different from the normal alien soldiers.

The leader of the GantZers shouts that transferring the arm is more than enough. After that some epaulettes (I don’t know if this is the right word… just look at the pics below and you know what I mean) appear. They have the ability to enlarge the arms and make them incredibly strong.

Now it’s the aliens turn and they trow the GantZers around f they were some flies. During the fight Sakurai gets his arms cut off. Finally, the big-arm-guy steps in nd punches one of the high level aliens away and continues fighting with them.

While the big-arm-guy is busy, Kei looks into the eyes of the aliens leader…

My 2 Cents:
Oh yeah… that was definitely a HUGE twist just like the chapter name said (irony off). The only twist was that the GantZers are now able to take a step back in evolution and become evil monkeys. The thing I’m wondering about is what the big-arm-guy said before the shoulder-things appeared. He ment that the arm are more than enough. This means that there are probably other gadgets which have the same monkey-shfting effect on other body-parts. We’ll find out in the next chapters…

Overall this gets 6/10 points.

PS: Poor Sakurai… no more ESP-action… unless he gets revived by GantZ.

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