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Naruto chapter 489: On the brink of World War!

April 1, 2010

Naruto chapter 489: On the brink of World War!

At Mt. Myouboku the frogs have an argument about whether or not giving Naruto the key-scroll for opening the Kyuubi seal which was made by Yondaime. The Great Elder decides to talk to Naruto ’cause he has also seen something regarding his future.

Back at Konoha, Karin is interviewed by some shinobis regarding information about Orochimaru and Akatsuki. She is willing to cooperate but with one condition: She wants some delicious breaded pork and some rice. Speaking of being hungry… Tsunade is woken up and is eating in a Goku-like manner as her chakra hasn’t completely return yet and to not stop her “becoming-younger no jutsu” .

Kakashi enters and tells Tsunade of the current events like the joint forces, that Madara is really still alive and that he was a second away becoming the 7th hokage. Shortly after that Thusade summons the Jounins for a war planning session.

The scene switches to Naruto who has arrived at Ichiraku’s to eat some nice ramen. Sakura also arrives and tells him that Tsunade in finally awoken as soon as she arrived, she leaves again to tel everybody else about Tsunade. Naruto is about to eat his ramen and suddenly it goes *poof* and he starts eating some slimy worm-ramen. He was summoned to Mt. Myouboku by the frogs.

So together they go to the Great Elder Sage how tells him that he’ll meet an octopus and a young man with great power in his eyes.

Naruto says he knows who the one with the strong eyes is and hat he’s prepared for everything. The Elder hands over the key to open the Yondaime’s four-elephant seal. This is also the key to complete “hat” jutsu.

Now, the focus changes to some random-nins keeping track of Kabutomaru who apparently snuck in Madara’s base and confronts him. When Madara’s about to attack, Kabutomaru uses Edo Tensei to summon five bodies of already dead Akatsuki members.

from left to right: Nagato, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, Itachi

Kabutomaru tells Madara that he hasn’t come to fight, rather to join forces with him.

My 2 Cents:
Yeah.. finally Naruto gets the key-scroll which Jiraya kept all the time to complete “that” jutsu from the Great Sage Elder.

*Switches into my Detective Conan outfit* So… let’s combine the hints to find out what “that” jutsu is. We have the FRS, Kage-bushin no jutsu, sage mode, Itachi’s mysterious power and the ability to open and close the Yondaime’s seal at will. Hmmm… together that would be make a couple Frog-Kyuubi like creatures with some wings (Itachi’s power) shooting FRSs out of it’s mouth. To let you know what exactly I have in my mind, I led out my creativity and painted this:

You see… everything fits perfectly hahahaha…

One thing that isn’t perfectly in this chapter is the Edo Tensei. Kabutomaru summons Deidara who formed his body into a bomb and blew himself up. So where heck he got his body from!? I guess we’ll never find out.

The thing I’m looking forward is the often foreseen training session with Killerbee which is now almost confirmed.

So… all in all this chapter was really good and thus it gets 8/10 points!

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  1. Son Gohan permalink
    April 2, 2010 12:24 am

    Those are not their actual bodies. Edo Tensei puts the soul of the deceased into the body of a human sacrifice.
    I don’t believe one word Kabuto says. He is intentionally leaving a trail for the Konoha ninja to find Madara’s hideout.

    • April 2, 2010 12:37 am

      oh yeah… you’re absolutely right about Edo Tensei 🙂 thx

      I don’t know what I should think about Kabuto… Of course he wants Konoha to follow him but the purpose is still unknown. I think he wants Konoha to take out Madara or somethin’ like that.

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