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New Anime: “Heroman” Episode 1

April 3, 2010

Did you ever dreamed, that one of your action figure’s are alive and you could fight with them against evil side by side?

In this new released anime called “Heroman” you can see the story of a boy who lives this dream.


Alright, there is this boy “Joey” who lives in America with his granny.

Joey is not really the cool guy on his school, but somehow the cheerleader “Lina” is interested in him.

He always says “no” to invitations of Lina but at this point there is no info why, only my expectation:

He refuses them because of Lina’s brother who can’t stand the thought of Joey being with his little sister.

The Rich Guy Gang

The Rich Guy Gang

As the time goes on you get the info that Joey wants a robot toy but can’t buy it because it’s to expansive. One day the mean rich guy gang plays with one of these robots, but argued about who should play with it and a car accidently smashed it.

So because it’s broken they put it into the dump and Joeys takes it home hoping that he could fix that little robot.

Meanwhile Aliens are coming to Earth because… well they want to kill us all ^^ these aliens  are probably going to be the bad guys in this story.

Back at the room of Joey you see the repaired robot who is now called “Heroman” (Wow that’s a really creative name isn’t it? Ok ok Joey seems to be really young so i guess it’s normal) and because the aliens arrived near our planet some strange things start to happen in the rain clouds above Joey’s house. Its getting really stormy and what could happen now? That’s correct a lightning hits our little robot “Heroman” and Joey is shocked.

After one minute of surprised looking at the robot the original controller of the toy changes into some strange alien thing and Joey starts the Heroman without him knowing what he’s doing.

*evil voice* HE IS ALIIIIVE!

As soon as Heroman is alive his …hero sense for bad things (or what ever you want to call it 😉 )… sense something…bad…

I hope you get the idea 😀

The Controlling Unit of Heroman

Anyways Joey and Heroman are rushing to the highway where his cheerleader friend and her father had an accident. So far so good, Joeys learns the first steps on “How to control this giant Robot” but the gas tank explodes and a self protection of his super arm controlling unit starts to make a shield bubble.

It only protected him so the rest of them must have died right? NO! It would not be called “Heroman” if he wasn’t a hero. Heroman walks out of the flames with both of them on his shoulders. Hurray!

And that’s the end of the first episode of “Heroman”

Narayu’s opinion: Puh, the first episode was not really an enjoyment for me. It feels more like a comic, not like an anime.

What’s really bothering me, is the fact that these kids are Americans and they are acting like japanese characters. I don’t want to say that i don’t like japanese NO NO NO I love them but it just feels totally wrong to see american people acting like japanese ones.

Beside the fact that it seems to be more an anime look-a-like comic it can be good if you like this Comic Hero stuff. Personally I’m not into these things but i will give the next episodes another try maybe it will chance. You never know how good an Anime could be if you just watched the first or second episode.

My score for Episode 1:    5/10

it is just average nothing special just a hero who has to save the world from an evil force

Thanks for reading


3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 4, 2010 1:50 am

    I realllly like how this looks so I’m definitely keeping my eye on this.

    BONES have always been reliable for me so I hope this will be good too.

    • April 4, 2010 9:14 pm

      Maybe I start watching it too since my viewing list for this spring is almost empty.

      oh yeah… I just found out that Joey’s last name is Jones… this reminds me of Carl Carlson and Lenny Lennard from the Simpsons haha….

  2. April 4, 2010 2:22 am

    Best ever =)

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