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Naruto chapter 490: The Truth of the Nine-Tails

April 7, 2010
Naruto chapter 490: The Truth of the Nine-Tails

Continuing from last chapter, Kabutomaru and Madara are still facing ech other. Kabuto wants to join forces with him. He offers him to increase his allies during the war. In return, Kabuto wants Sasuke. To ultimately persuade Madara he summons an other coffin.

The person who is summoned isn’t shown but somehow Madara gives in on one condition. Kabuto has to wait until after the war is over before he hands over Sasuke. Kabuto agrees and with that the new joint-force is sealed.

The Konoha ninjas who were tracking Kabuto are still following his traces. Fortunately, they got a Byakugan user with them and in no time they got the location of Kabuto and Madara.

The scene switches to Naruo who still hangs out with the frogs. The scroll-frog explains how the scroll works. In order to control the Kyuubi, Naruto has to pull out the nine-tails chakra but without its mind taking over.

In order to filter the chakra from the mind, Naruto mustn’t have any hatred in his heart and also a strong will by himself.

The scroll is designed to make the four-elephant seal of the fourth Hokage completely undone. If the fox’s mind overcomes Naruto, the Kyuubi would be completely reborn. Jiraya once tried to open the four-element seal just a crack and Naruto was instantly overtaken by the Kyuubi letting him get 4 tails. Naruto then remembers back then he fought against Orochimaru and Pain where he also used the nine-tail’s chakra and got overtaken.

Naruto finally realizes that he can’t run away from he fate of being a Jinchuriki anymore. He’s ready to learn how to control the Kyuubi’s chakra. Naruto puts his hands on the scroll and signs te contract. So now, Naruto has to find an octopus and with that the scene witches to Killerbee who is writing some hip-hop lines in his rhime-book while attending a meeting with the Raikage and all the Jounin. Kisame still keeps himself inside of Samehada. He gets to know the military strategies of the Hidden Cloud.

My 2 Cents:
Oh yeah… finally Naruto faces his own destiny and wants to start controlling his father’s gift. I think now it’s absolute the right time. The war is about to start and Naruto has matured enough. I bet that Naruto meets Killerbee at the meeting of the Joint Shinobi Army. He’ll definitely be there, as he is one of the two last Jinchuurikis.

An other thing what keeps me thnking about is the coffin whick Kabuto summoned. Whose body was in it. Maybe it was Madara’s true body or the the fourth Hokage’s one… who knows.

Damn… this weeks chapter was so awesome. Definately 10/10 points.

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  1. namuels13 permalink
    June 25, 2010 11:19 pm

    Kk i was reeading this and u said u didnt know who was in the coffin obviously it’s the first hokage thats the only person who could even challenge him. Remember back when he attacked the Kages at the summit and declared war he amde a note about the battle with the Hokage scarring him even up until now.

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