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First Look: Sekitou Erejii

April 11, 2010

When it’s about weird romance stories, I’m just like a moth following the light in the darkness. If I see one in the wide desert of manga, I have to read it and usually the weirdest stories are the best ones and Seikitou Erejii proved it again.

Who doesn’t know this situation: Sitting in the own room for months, being desperate of everything and jerking off when the little brother has sex with his girlfriend in the room next to yours.

Well, I don’t know and you hopefully neither but Satoshi the main character does. He is a typical good-for-nothing who graduated one year ago and since then he has been working part-time on various street constructing sites. He leads the cars through it (you know… the typical anime/ manga part-time job).

At work he instantly falls in love with Chiiko who works in the same shift as Satoshi. She seems to have a pretty bad character at fist but Satoshi decides not to give up and reveals that she’s actually a caring person.

I can’t wait to see how their flower of romance grows on a barren ground created by their different personalities.

The story goes pretty straight forward. There are 11 translated chapters out there but even though it feels like 30+ chapters have passed. I’m so excited what happens in the 4 volumes which aren’t scanlated yet. Overall the story is very promising and the characters are unique.

I rated this with a 7/10. If the story and characters are developing, then an 8 or even a 9/10 would be possible. Just click HERE to start reading right now!

This series gets my “No Moe” quality seal:

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