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Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 44: Mysterious Tremble

April 12, 2010

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been kinda busy in the last few weeks. I’ll give my best to give you the review for the next chapter a bit earlier than this time.

In this chapter the assistants of Momoka are telling Urabe about her desire to be a normal girl. It has to something to do with the boy she felt in love for the first time. Back then, she was just a regular girl and it was a one-sided love towards this boy. After she was scouted by Takagi, she became famous over night. It was decided tha she has to lever her current school in order to go to school in Tokyo. On the day of her transfer she finally confessed her feelings. They decided on a long-distance relationship and when they were about to kiss, that boy said that he can now show off the idol Imai Momoka as his girlfriend. At that moment Momoka flipped out and used her pantie-kick for the first time.

The boy got injured as she didn’t hold back. So Takagi came up with an idea to prevent her kicks. His solution are these restrains she’s wearing all the time.

When Momoka met Urabe she instantly knew that she’s absolutely the right one to switch roles with. Urabe looks like her, she’s a normal girl and she’s in love with her first boyfriend.

Takagi, the manager of Momoka, steps in and interrupt this little chit-chat. He shows Urabe the concert hall where she will be having a live concert of Momoka doesn’t show up in time.

One year has passed since Momoka has kicked her boyfriend. It ws right before her very first live concert. Takagi said to her that she just has to sing like if there is her future love sitting in the audience. On the day of her live debut she made he whole crowd fell for her.  Urabe wonders if she can make the crowd fell for her too if Tsubaki would be in the audience cheering for her.

The scene switches back to Imai Momoka, who is still dressed as Urabe. She’s in front of a store, observing some guys who is watching  a Imai Momoka video. She notices that this is actually Urabe and tells these boys that they are easy to fool. She borrows a cassette recorder from the store to show something to them…

My 2 Cents:
Ueshiba Riichi, you mustn’t slack off! The art is the most important thing in this precious manga. The backgrounds were used to be on Urasawa Naoki’s level who is the reincarnation of the 1st god of manga but in the last chapters the quality really decreased. And damn… how long is this poor story arc going to take to finish? I guess, at least 2 or 3 more chapters. In the next 2, we’re probably going to see Urabe performing Momoka’s live performance. That will hopefully be the climax of this arc.

Summing up: Bad-quality backgrounds and no Tsubaki at all against Urabe’s awesomeness makes this chapter to get a 7/10

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