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My thoughts on the new Digimon series

April 13, 2010

Some days ago, a new Digimon anime was announced. I’m definitely gonna watch this since it’s the fist new season in a while. The last one I followed was, where the kids transformed themselves into Digimon. From what I’ve heard, the latest season “Data Squad” was bull crap, so now I’m even more curious of what they changed. I wonder if the directors haven’t modified anything and came back the Digimon series’ roots. I think that would be the second best way they could go.

However… The new season will feature a bunch of new Digimon like Shout-mon and Monitor-mon but apparently if you look closer only one character (click to enlarge the pic on the right). An other interesting thing is the Digimon in the last row on the picture. It’s named “Souter-monX4” and it looks like a Power Ranger Zord-like combination of the two Digimon from the second row.

Coming back to my original question of what is the best way to go,  I’d choose to exchange the humans’ with the role of the Digimon. You know… that some Digimon are discovering the human world. They have to fight with their monkey partners against some evil monkeys which have the power of evolution to become some strong humans. With the Digimon’s Ningen-vice, their monkey partners can also “ningen-volve” and become more powerful too. Together they have to face the god of the humans and his religious slaves in order to fulfil the prophecy.

Sadly, it’s very likely that my idea will never be animated… 😦

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  1. April 14, 2010 6:52 pm

    LOL, I like your idea for a new Digimon series. But I agree that it may be too controversial, even for Japan, especially for a kids show. Let’s just hope that the upcoming series will revert back to the style of the old-school Digimon series and be less like Savers (Data Squad).

    • April 19, 2010 10:08 am

      The real title of the anime was reveiled a few day ago. It’s called “Cross Wars”. This supports my idea of combining two or more Digimon in a transformers-fashioned way.

      Yeah… let’s hope this works better than “Data Squad”.

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