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Naruto chapter 491: Jinchuuriki, Confined!!

April 15, 2010
Naruto chapter 491: Jinchuuriki, Confined!!


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Naruto is still at Mt. Myoboku. He’s trying to store the scroll-frog in his mouth like Jiraya did. The Great Elder Sage gives Naruto more hints where he finds this mysterious octopus he dreamed about. He tells Naruto, that he’ll encounter the octopus at a solitary island which people normally do not approach. It’s like a pleasant resort there. The octopus should be offering cooperation when Naruto meets it.

So Naruto is summoned back to Konoha’s Ichiraku. Some random guest asks Naruto for an autograph for his son. Ichiraku wonders how the people have changed their mind when it comes to Naruto. Not long ago Naruto was a total outsider and now he’s Konoha’s hero.

The scene switches to a Kage meeting. They are discussing if they should use the last two Jinchuuriki in the 4th ninja war or not. As Akatsuki’s main target is to get the remaining tailed beasts, the conclusion is that Naruto and Killerbee will be hidden on an island in Kumogakure.

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Naruto is already on the way to that island. He was told that he has to attend a “secret mission”. When they are about to arrive

the island, Naruto remembers back to what the Great elder Sage said about the island. Honestly, it’s not that paradise Naruto thought of (haha).

Suddenly their boat gets attacked by a tentacle monster. Naruto counts the arms and notices that it’s a squid with 10 arms. Killerbee shows up and defeats the squid with the help of his Bijou. Naruto counts again and notices the 8 arms of Killerbee’s octopus.

My 2 Cents:
Woha… this chapter was really short. Excluding the cover page, there were only 16 story pages including the 2 double pages!

So Naruto finally meets Killerbee and it seems that Naruto’s emo phase is finally over. In the last few chapters there were pretty decent jokes. This will mach really god with Bee’s killer rhymes. I’m expecting an epic hip-hop combo next week^^

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I think hiding the two last Jinchuuriki is the absolute wrong decision as -like Tsunade said- they are the main force of the ninja alliance and it’d be a total waste as they don’t get a second chance of winning a war against Madara and Kabuto.

Overall this week’s chapter gets a 7/10 ‘it was kinda boring except for Naruto’s 2 or 3 jokes he made.

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