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Anime Review: KARIN (Chibi Vampire)

April 25, 2010

Yeeehaaa… this is my first anime review ever! Sorry for not coming up with a real introduction >_>

The story is about Karin who is a vampire but trust me she’s not a normal one. In fact she’s quite the opposite: She is a daywalker and lacks of the special vampire-abilities like erasing someone’s memory or flying. Once in a month her blood stars overflowing and she pours a huge amount of blood out of her nose.

One day Kenta, a new student in her class, gets to know her secret. Instead of getting his memories erased by Karin’s family, they start thinking that Kenta might be useful in covering up the blood when Karin gets her “days” n’stuff as they are sleeping the whole day.

So Kenta and Karin are spending more and more time together. Karin wants to make Kenta happier as his hidden sadness makes her blood overflowing. But soon Karin realizes that she doesn’t make him bento everyday to stop her bleeding, because….. かりんは   けんたが  すきだよ〪

The whole character ensemble reminds me of Toradora. We got the scary-looking guy who is living alone with his young mother in a shabby house right next to the female main character. Actually, this is not a copy of Toradora. The manga of Karin was published waaaaaay before Toradora came to life.

The side characters are a bit off the wall. When the introduction episodes are over, a new character is introduced. His name is Wiener Sinclair (actually his name is Winner but everybody is calling him Wiener xD) and he’s a foreign vampire hunter. The idea of introducing an enemy is as old as useful but in this case he’s just a stupid fag.

An other quite funny fellow is Karin’s dad. Somehow, he’s the person, I can most identify with. He is on one hand friendly and nice but when someone comes near to his daughters he goes berserk. It’s a huge challenge for him to accept Kenta to be at Karin’s side.

The animation style is kinda worn out. It looks older than it really is. Sometimes animations were repeated over and over again like the situation when Karin gets her “nosebleed”. It seems that the budget wasn’t very high and it was definitely not spent for good animations but rather on… hmmm, I don’t know… the director’s salary maybe?

Compared to the Manga:
Oh boy, oh boy… where should I start? Let’s try… The manga is longer, funnier, has better art and the romance is… you know… more “romancier”. The anime really can’t keep up with the manga’s quality. The only chance for the anie is come up with a second season.

This is one of the few shounen series which are telling the story from the girl’s point of view. Sometimes you can still hear Kenta’s thoughts but the big part is told by Karin. This is not a weak spot or something, it’s just the best way the author could go as Karin is definitely a more interesting character than Kenta is (she has two arguments on her side which are actually growing during the anime O.O).

Overall, I give this anime 7/10 points and I can recommend it to Toradora fans since there’s a huge amount of similarities but there are enough differences between these series which makes it unique. Oh yeah… please don’t expect such a strong finale as Toradora had. If you want to know the real ending you should skip this anime and take the manga-shortcut.

PS: If you want to become a cool vampire hunter like Wiener, then chack out this uber cool cosplay-outfit.

PPS: Keep your eyes open for my review of the movie “Higashi no Eden: Air King” coming soon.

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  1. Georgii permalink
    November 10, 2010 3:29 am

    I RELY LUVE TIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!

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