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GantZ chapter 317: Superiority Moments

April 25, 2010
GantZ chapter 317: Superiority Moments

That big arm guy is fighting against the aliens from last the chapter.

With his arms he can even repel the aliens’ spinning wheels and their electric flashes. On top of that, he has the ability to shoot an energy beam out of his palm.

After that, the alien gets really angry and tries to smash him, but with his huge arms, he just pulls off the alien’s head (I’m not 100% sure if this is right as the scene is waaaay too confusing).

The scene switches back to Kei who is still facing the leader of the alien troop. Kato is screaming at him to run away but the situation is so intense, that Kei isn’t able to move a single step.

Kei comes to his mind and fires off his gravity gun. The alien boss dodges and Kato tries to activate his teleportation device but it’s no use as he is pushed away. Now, both Kei’s are standing in front of the alien boss.

The scene focuses on that big arm guy again and he’s shouting that he’ll take a hostage and the transferring should be started. Suddenly all GantZers are teleported back to the base in Tokyo where they started. An alien was teleported with them.

My 2 Cents:
Two steps forward and one step back. That whole little voyage to the alien’s base was very risky. Many GantZers got killed for just one alien hostage. It feels like the last 3 chapter were just useless. Hopefully, the hostage will be very useful otherwise the mangaka just wanted to stretch this very last story arc.

6/10 for this chapter.

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