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Naruto chapter 493: Dark Naruto

May 6, 2010
Naruto chapter 493: Dark Naruto


At the waterfall of truth Naruto encounters his dark side wich which symbolizes his hatred inside him. Yami-Naruto tells the real one that if he makes a single mistake,  the hatred of the Kyuubi will emerge with the dark side of Naruto. Suddenly Yami-Naruto starts attacking but Naruto repeals. They are both equally strong.

The scene switches to Killer-Bee who won a sumo fight against some huge bears which live on this island.

The Hachibi starts asking Bee why he doesn’t help Naruto with his training. As they are both Jinchuurikis, they should cooperate more. Be refuses to help Naruto as he made a fool of rap.

Back at the waterfall, the two Narutos are still fighting. They both summon the same amount of Kage-Bushins but it’s no use. Yamato asks what’s going on as Naruto fights his dark side in his mind. Naruto gains conciousness again and  sums up what happened. That Kumogakure guy tells him if he can’t get rid of hs hatred, he never will be able to gain control over the Kyuubi plus he’s telling Naruto about Killer-Bee’s past.

Basically, he was just like Naruto: hated by everyone. In Bee’s case it was his older brother, the Raikage, who was on his side. Bee wanted to be able to control his Bijou in order to protect his brother.

Naruto urges that Kumogakure guy to ask Bee for his training strategy but he can’t do it as he tried to kill Bee once…….

My 2 Cents:

Good vs. evil, yin vs. yang, light vs. shadow and Sonic vs. Shadow… this two-sided cliché is so old-school that’s cool to see it again.

In video games the good vs. evil side battles were the most bas-ass ones. If I remember back to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there was that situation too. That dark Link appeared during the water temple but for my taste, he was kinda too easy to beat.

But anyway… I think Naruto uses his strongest technique to get rid of his dark side. Forget the sage-mode FRS; I mean the “Convincing taking no Jutsu”! He defeated Nagato with it so his dark side will be no hurdle.

So… one last word to say: If I were Naruto I would screw this stupid sage mode and change to the sumo-bears’ side. They’re waaaaaay more awesome than Jiraya’s frog army. haha

Originally, I  wanted to post the Japanese version of the Jungle Book’s “Bear Necessities” but it isn’t available on YouTube, so here is an other cool video for you.


EDIT: Oh snap! I forgot my rating… 6/10

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