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GantZ chapter 318: The Intense Search for Pleasure

May 12, 2010

GantZ chapter 318: The Intense Search for Pleasure

So… The GantZers took a hostage and got back to where they started. That former big arm guy shouts that they are all dismissed.

He orders that everyone should be teleported away to a random ace but Kei wants to be brought back where he came from as he still want’s to save Tae. But he has no chance. He gets teleported to the district “Roppongi”.

Katou landed in “Makuhari” and the second Kei is with Reiko (I don’t know which district they were teleported in).

The scene switches back to the fist Kei searching intensely for Tae. He arrives at the hotel he was teleported form but all students he helped are dead. At the same time Tae is looking for Kei. She stops at her house but no one’s there. After walking for a while she discovers a pile of copses. Her mother is still alive but she gets shot/stabbed (I really can’t make that out) by an insect like alien.

After that, she is taken hostage with some other people in a cage which flies away. At that moment Kei arrives and with a superhuman jump he manages to reach Tae in that cage but sadly he’s not high enough to grab the cage’s grating.

My 2 Cents:
A pretty normal chapter I guess… I wraps-up that little journey to the alien’s base plus getting things ready for the next part. I’m excited about Kei trying to chase Tae and get her back.

The bad part of the chapter were the scenes where Tae was captured. I couldn’t really make out how the alien really looked like and how she got into that cage. So 7/10

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