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Naruto chapter 494: Killer Bee and Motoi

May 14, 2010
Naruto chapter 494: Killer Bee and Motoi

First of all, that Kumogakure guy I wrote about in the last chapters finally gets a name in my chapter review! It’s Motoi and in this chapter he tells about KilerBee’s and his past.

His story starts at that time the Hachibi was captured but not yet sealed into a host. The third Raikage captured the Hachibi in a traditional sealing pot. Motoi’s father was killed by the Hachibi as he was helping the Raikage. At that time, KillerBee and Motoi were still kids and both great friends. But then it was announced that Bee should be the Jinchuriki. Motoi created more and more hatred as he convinced himself to avenge his dead father. By the time, his object of revenge changed rom the Hachibi to Bee. So Motoi tried to assassinate him, but his attempt failed.

After that, Motoi couldn’t bring himself to talk to him again.

The scene switches to the present again and Motoi tells them that he make amends. Naruto is pissed off as the notices that Motoi is just using him. So he sets off to the coast of his island to be alone a bit.

Naruto thinks about the past years compared to now. First, everybody hated him but now after defeating pain he is Konoh’s hero. That kinda happened with Gaara, too. First he’s hated, then loves as the Kazekage and the people around Bee changed too. What Naruto bugs is that he doesn’t know if his friends are trusting him for real.

Suddenly this real big squid appears again which attacked Naruto and the others when they were about to arrive at the island. And again it gets crushed by KillerBee.

After that Motoi goes to KillerBee and asks him if he knew that it was him who tried to kill him that time but Bee just fist-bums him.

My 2 Cents:
Honestly, this was the most useless and boring chapter in the last 6-10 weeks. It really seems like Kishimoto is realizing that Naruto will end sooner or later so he stretches the story. Or maybe Kishi took off a week (yeah, even mangakas need holidays) and let his assistants or editor write the story.

The only “good” part was the scene where Naruto mistakes that squid for the Hachibi.

Hopefully, Naruto finished his training soon but for now it’s kinda boring.


PS: That sealing scene of the third Raikage reminds me at the sealing of Piccolo from Dragonball. The difference is that Roshi’s rice cooker had more style.



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