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Naruto chapter 495: Crush Dark Naruto

May 20, 2010
Naruto chapter 495: Crush Dark Naruto

After that sudden attack of that giant squid Naruto, Bee and the others are going back to the waterfall of the truth. Once again, Naruto tries to defeat his evil side. Yami Naruto appears but the “normal” Naruto changes his strategy. Rather than beating his dark side up, he uses his yet undefeated “convincing no jutsu”.  Naruto focuses cause he wants to show something to Yami Naruto in his mind.

Remember back then, when a random-nin asked Naruto for an autograph at Ichiraku’s? Well, I do and with his mind he created that autograph which he should have given that guy.

Yami Naruto is now trying his “evil convincing no jutsu” by telling him that everyone in Konoha deceived them for years and that they can’t trust them. But Naurto says that there’s someone else than the villagers who he has to believe in. He has to have faith in himself.

As that’s quite hard to understand for Yami-Naruto, he starts attacking Naruto but he’s stopped by an ultra hardcore hug. The only reason that Naruto grew that strong is his dark side so he thanks him for everything and it’ gonna be alright.

Yami Naruto disappears and Naruto gains consciousness again. Starting now, Bee becomes his sensei. Together they enter the cave behind the waterfall. That’s the place where Naruto will be fighting against the Kyuubi in the next chapter!

My 2 Cents:
Mediocore. It seems like Kishi had to make the best out of last chapter’s continuation. The only slightly good parts where Bee calls Yamato a motherfucker

and that cave behind the waterfall. I’m really excited about the next chapter. Finally, Naruto will face this life-time burden, the Kyuubi.

The HUGE weak spot of this week’s release is Bee’s sudden change. At first he ignores Naruto and refuse to become his teacher but now, they’re like buddies.

Overall: 6/10

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