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Mysterious Girlfirend X chapter 45: Mysterious Choice

May 22, 2010

Mysterious Girlfriend X chapter 45: Mysterious Choice

At last chapter’s end Momoka disguised as Urabe was at an electronic store borrowing a CD-player. Now, she puts in a CD and starts dancing in front of the guys who were watching Urabe (disguised as Momoka) on TV.

Tsubaki crosses the streets and sees a mob gathering around that electronic shop so he wants to take a look too. For his surprise, Urabe is dancing around (of course he still doesn’t know about that little role switch).

The people who are watching her begin to notice that this is the real Momoka. Tsubaki interrupts her performance, asking her what the hell she’s doing. Some random guy from the audience warns him to let go off Momoka but Tsubaki gets pissed and kicks him on the chest.

Momoka and Tsubaki run off together. After a while they come to a stop and Tsubaki wants to know why she was imitating Momoka in front of that store. His conclusion is that she wants to change her personality and become more like Momoka and because of that her drool isn’t sweet anymore. If he would have to decide whether he has Urabe or Momoka as a girlfriend he’d definitely choose Urabe. Now, Momoka wants to know – just hypothetically of course – what he’d do if Urabe and Momoka switched places.

Tsubaki answers that he would still end up with Urabe as they have a bond through tasting drool. Momoka sticks her finger in her moth and lets Tsubaki taste her drool but it’s still not as sweet as it used to be.

Momoka pulls out two tickets for a Momoka live concert and asks Tsubaki to go there with her. She says that she and Momoka are singing together!

My 2 Cents:
And this arc goes on and on and on and on… Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard. Their shadows searching in the night. Streetlights…people, living just to find emotion. Hiding, somewhere in the night. Don’t stop believin’ Hold on to the feelin’ Streetlightpeople….

Oh yeah. I’m starting to go nuts with this story arc. It needs at least two more chapters: The climax and the resolve one. I really hope the climax makes up that slow-paced storytelling; if not, MGX has to give up the second place in my top 5 mangas. I’m not sure if I put it on the 3rd or 4th place but a hot candidate to completely take it over is Sekitou Erejii.

Let’s jump over to this month’s release:

I don’t know why, but this chapter is slightly better than the others in this story arc. Maybe it’s because Tsubaki is getting more and more aggressive. This is the second time he beat someone to protect Momoka disguised as Urabe. If he’d protect the real Urabe, I guess she’d produce a ton of saliva like in the oneshot of MGX.

Anyway… Tsubaki gets not only more aggressive, he gets more stupid, too. I mean, Momoka almost confessed that she switched roles with Urabe and why the heck Tsubaki doesn’t notice that Momoka has a different voice than Urabe -.-“ He’s propably deaf and only reads everyone’s lips.


PS: MGX is on hiatus this month! It will be back in June…

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