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Naruto chapter 496: Meeting the Nine-Tails once again

May 27, 2010

Naruto chapter 496: Meeting the Nine-Tails once again

Bee, Yamato and Naruto are entering the cave behind the waterfall. Inside are some ancient statues and buildings. They stop at the other end of it in front of an other entrance. Naruto turns the switch to open it by sticking his head into the mouth of a beast-like ornament at the wall.

The door opens and together they enter the next room which is completely white so you can’t make out the corners and such. in that room they’re gonna take off Naruto’s seal. If he can’t control the Kyuubi and completely revives, Bee will lock it inside this room as that is what this place was made for.

Naruto and Bee sit down and fist-bumping each other and the scene switches into Naruto’s mind where that huge cage of the Kyuubi is.

Naruto rips off that paper in front of the cage’s lock and uses a the key to release his own seal.

The lock is opened and instantly the Kyuubi Knocks Naruto away. With Bee’s help he tries now to pull the chakra out of the nine-tails’ body plus he has to latch his own chakra onto the Kyuubi’s. While Naruto pulls, the nine-Tails tries to suck Naruto’s chakra into him…. who will win? We’ll see it in the next chapters!

My 2 Cents:
The strange thing I noticed during the last 3 or 4 chapters, there was always one comedy scene. Even tis time. I don’t know whose idea it was (Kishimoto’s or his editor’s) but it’s not going to work any longer. These scenes have to come naturally but it feels like if they were placed in after the storyboard for this chapter was decided as they had too less pages.

But overall this weeks release was quite interesing and definately better than the releases in the last few weeks. I really hope that the qualiy is back on top next chapter.

Due to this nice “unsealing the Kyuubi part”, this chapter deserves an 8/10.

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  1. June 3, 2010 7:15 am

    epic o.o

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