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Naruto chapter 497: The Nine-Tails vs. Naruto

June 3, 2010
Naruto chapter 497: The Nine-Tails vs. Naruto

Chapter 497 jumps right into fighting. The Nine-Tailed molds a massive amount of chakra into a ball and fires it towards Naruto.

In the last second, Hachibi protects Naruto but with that last action Bee’s chakra drained so from now on, Naruto has to try to separate the fox’s mind from its chakra on his own.

Naruto focuses and enters the sage mode and with a uber Senjutsu rasengan he wants to smash the Kyuubi on to the ground but it stops the attack with some of its tails.

As Naruto’s rasengan failed, he changes his strategy and grabs one of the Kyuubi’s tails and with his sage-power. Now he manages to take it down and if that wasn’t enough, Naruto forms a FRS and hits the Kyuubi’s chest.

This is the chance Naruto waited for. He tries to draw out the Nine-Tails’ chakra but unfortunately he draws that huge amount of hatred with it. Once again Yami-Naruto makes an appearance but this time, he occupies Naruto’s night half and on top of that  in the deepest corner of the hatred he discovers a very important person: Uzumaki Kushina, his mother!

My 2 Cents:
Naruto is back again! This chapter was so awesome. It seems that the last chapters were made that boring on purpose, just to make this week’s release look better.

One thing I noticed is, that Naruto seems to be able to pull off a rasengan without a kagebushin and the FRS just with one. We all know Naruto isn’t into multitasking things so I think this is a huge step for him as every kagebushin (especially in the senin-mode) draws chakra out of him.

An other thing which came to my mind is Kisame. He’s still hiding inside of samehada and right now would be the best chance for him to get two bijous at one go. But personally, I like the idea better that he appears after Naruto got control over the Kyuubi and that Naruto teams up with Bee to fight against him. We never saw a team-jinchuuriki battle before and this would be a huge win for the series.

Overall this chapter was a great comeback and I’m really fired up what Kushina says to Naruto next chapter.

9/10… cheerio!

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