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Naruto chapter 498: Mom’s Red Hair

June 10, 2010

Naruto chapter 498: Mom’s Red Hair

So, last chapter Kushina appeared in front of Naruto while he was dragging out the Kyuubi’s chakra. At first Naruto doesn’t recognizes her but when she says “‘tte ba ne!” Naruto finally gets it that his mother is the person he’s facing (and not the Kyuubi’s true form ~baka Naruto…).

Naruto tells her that he always wanted to meet her. He’s so overwhelmed by his feelings that his dark side disappears and the transformation into the Kyuubi (outside of Naruto’s mind) stops.

As you can imagine Naruto has so many things he wants to ask Kushina but before Kushina helps him to get rid of the Nine-Tailes’ hatred by summoning chains which keep the Kyuubi tied up. With the Kyuubi out of action, Naruto shots out the most important question to him:

It all began when Kushina transferred from an other village. As she was the new kid in the ninja-class, she wanted to make an impression by telling that the wants to become the first female Hokage plus everyone laughed at her as with her long red hair she looked like a tomato.

Since he beat up everyone who made fun of her, she got a new nick name: The Bloody Habanero. Until a certain incident she even looked down on Minato. That event was caused by the Hidden Cloud who kidnapped Kushina ’cause of her special chakra. When they where marching her away, she pulled out some of her red hair to leave a trace. Minato was the only one who tracked her down. After Kushina was rescued he said that he noticed her beautiful red hair right away. From that day on she loved her hair and of course Minato too.

Well, Minato isn’t the only one she loves. She tells Naruto that she loves him too (in a parental way only hahaha) plus she wants to know what the product of “Konoha’s Yellow Flash” and “The bloody Habanero” is. Naruto replies, he’s the “The Leaf’s Orange Hokage”.

My 2 Cents:
What a nice chapter. Kushina’s appearance came a bit sudden but it was OK. At least we got to know that Kushina’s chakra is somehow special. I think it’s the ability to heal wounds very fast… or maybe it’s a still unknown Kekkei Genkai. An other thing is that the relationship between Kushina and Minato is the same as Naruto’s and Hinata’s. At first she was afraid of everything but through Naruto she got confidence in herself and started to love him. I’ll take that as an other goal win for the NaruHina fans.

So… 8/10 pts for this one. I think Naruto will gain full control over the Kyuubi at chapter 500. We are just 2 weeks away!

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  1. Chris permalink
    June 11, 2010 6:21 pm

    My question is does the Kyuubi have some kind of relationship with Kushina? When she used her chakra to bind him, he muttered her name. Unlike when he refers to Minato, which is normally curse words or merely “that man”, he actually used Kushina’s name.

    • June 12, 2010 12:44 pm

      good point. I didn’t notice that. Maybe it has something to do with her special chakra…

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