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Naruto chapter 499: A New Seal!

June 17, 2010

Naruto chapter 499: A New Seal!


The Kyuubi is still wrapped up by Kushina’s chains which come out of Naruto’s body. Through his mother he gained happiness and feels peace. Naruto manages to filter the Nine-Tails’ chakra so that the hatred is left behind. With many kagebushins he attacks the Kyuubi.

Right before the Rasaengans hit the Kyuubi Naruto entered the sage mode and forms giant Senpou Sasengans.

You know what comes next, right….?

And if this attack wouldn’t be enough, Naruto prepares a FRS and smashes it right onto the Kyuubi’s face. Cause of that massive blow the Kyuubi is pushed away but it seems that the FRS separates the body from its chakra.

So Naruto sucks in that huge amount of chakra and kinda “transforms” to a Super Sayajin-looking uber ninja… no kidding!

The Kyuubi draws the lasts bits of chakra in his body to form a giant black chakra ball. But before it can fire it off Naruto puts his hand on that spiral sign on his belly and turns it to close the seal. Some to these typical japanese temple gates are summoned keeping the Nin-Tails on the ground which are forming a cage arround it. The Kyuubi mistakes Naruto for the Sage of the Six paths.

The scene changes to Naruto’s mind’s mind (yeah… kinda confusing… I know). Kushina is now ready to tell Naruto the truth of what happened 16 years ago when the Kyuubi attacked. We get almost no information just that Kushina was the previous Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi!

My 2 Cents:

First of all i wanna highlight some incredible reading skills. Last week’s Naruto post got a comment by Chris and he noticed that the Kyuubi always says “that guy” or something to Minato unlike Kushina’s case. The Nine-Tails always calls her by her name and this chapter we found out why. She’s the previous Jinchuuriki.

This is a real big twist. We all thought that Naruto’s parents died fighting the Kyuubi but actually it seems that they managed to seal the Kyuubi into Kushina first. Maybe Minato used a less effective seal for Kushina so the Kyuubi broke out, killed her and Minato sealed it into Naruto but this time with a four element seal.This would mean that the Nine-Tailed attacked Konoha twice: The first time when the Kyuubi was under control of Madara and the second time when Kushina’s seal disappeared.

If my theory is right, Kushina must got pregnant AFTER the first sealing. This would mean she was kinda a double Jinchuuriki (Kyuubi + Naruto in her hahahaha). Maybe that’s the reason Minato chose Naruto to be the next Jinchuuriki. His chakra could have gained some special characteristics (like being able to control the Kyuubi and wounds healing fast) as he was born by a Jinchuuriki…. anyway we’ll find it out in two weeks as Naruto is taking a short break.

So now let get to the Super Sayajin Naruto (let’s call it Super Jinchuuriki). I really hope that he isn’t glowing in a yellow/gold color in the anime (that would be toooo uninspired even for a series like Naruto). In the SJ mode Naruto really looks like the sage of the six paths. Just look at the hair-style and the chain-like something around the neck. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but I highly doubt it.

10/10 and I want some color pages next time!

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  1. namuels13 permalink
    June 25, 2010 11:39 pm

    i think naruto looking like the sage of six path is by no coincedence either i think it falls into his whole destiny snd his final battle with Sasuke i think that naruto and sasuke will not end up killing each other but Naruto will beat Sasuke and Sasuke will join him and help him fight after he finds that Madara is planning to give him up to Kabuto after the war

  2. nathan permalink
    November 28, 2010 3:25 am

    If my assestment is right. Naruto and Sasuke are blood brothers. Since Naruto family tree came from the youngest son of the six sage and sasuke on the hand came from the line of the first son of the six sage both are destined to battle however having the powers of the six sage naruto will join up with sasuke since sasuke has the eyes of the six sage . the story line depicts son goku and vegita joining forces to defeat freeza.. ehehehehe kinda good aint it.

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