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About the Authors

Username: tomodachi89

Why I started blogging: I thought it’d be cool to share my opinion on the mangas I read and get to know cool people in the net.

Anime preferences: I like old-school stuff like Lupin III, Thundercats or Akira. Some of the new animes are good aswell… like Bakemonogatari, Durarara, Death Note and DMC.

Manga preferences: I love the unusual and unexpected as much as I like clichés and predictable storytelling. Would you be mad if I say “I like everything what’s good”? I guess no, but for those people who are readings this and are just a second away from exploding, here are my top 5 manga: 20th Century Boys, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Pluto, N.H.K. ni Youkoso! and BLAME!

As you may have noticed, I got two Urasawa Naoki mangas in my top 5. That’s ’cause Urasawa Naoki is my GOD OF MANGA. Everything he comes up with is incomparable and unique. The story, the art, the characters, etc…. everything fits perfectly. His series are definitely cut for experienced manga readers.

Music preferences: You know… there’s a German band out there which kicks ass. They describe their music as “attention deficit disorder muzik“. That doesn’t hit the nail on top but the description does its job. If you want to find out more about the band called BONAPARTE check out their website and make sure to search for awesome YouTube vids!

Somethin’ else? Yeah… I wanna let you know that I used a cheap 2€-headset from china i got through ebay for the recording of the first podcast. Don’t worry I already upgraded my gear xD Another thing is that I’m good in scanlating mangas. I love editing and cleaning with photoshop! If you have any translated series which you want me to edit (and maybe typeset) just leave a comment.

Username: Narayu

Narayu Profile Pic

Why I started blogging: After i watched Animes i often want to talk about them and say what i like or dislike about that episode. For me our Blog is a really good chance to tell everyone what i’m thinking and what i’m watching.

Anime preferences: Personally i enjoy harem, romance, action, comedy and supernatural animes.  Just give me an awsome character or a super kawaii (sweet) one mix it with some nice musik, romance and some action and I can’t get away from the Anime.

Manga preferences: Well haven’t read a Manga comletely but i think my preferences will not chance that much from my anime ones.

Music preferences:I’m an otaku what do you think? 🙂 Thats right I hear JRock, JPop and everything that has to do with my favorite Anime musik. OK…OK sometimes i hear Metalcore from “Bullet for my Valentine” it’s completelydifferent from the normal JMusic but hey everyone need something different somethimes.

Something else? I try to write my Arikels more personally and hopefully I can manage to do many Voice Reviews because in my opinion it makes it more enjoyable.

Here you can find my Profile on MyAnimeList visit me and leave a comment if you like. Thanks bye~

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